Step by Step of airbrush on zippo that it was a commission from an American indian fan.

The painting is done by English artist John Dillon of Artenchant studio

North American Indian lighter

I enjoy painting this kind of subject, mainly because it is a mono chromatic image, so I don’t have to waste time mixing paint colours and just get on with the job of painting. Also there is very little masking involved. I usually start off by spraying the background.
I cut out the masking and slowly start painting in my reference points
As you can see by this image, i wear latex gloves to prevent me from contaminating my work surface. Usually I’ll cut the finger tip of the glove just to make it easier for me to peel off the mask.
The reference is starting to take shape. I usually paint a very light wash at this stage
 With all the reference in place I begin free handing with my airbrush
 I’m painting about an inch off the surface. This is usually a good warm up for when I start moving in to do the detail stuff.
Every now and then I’ll come in and paint some of the skin texture. It breaks the boredom.
 By now I switch to my trusty Olympos micron working millimetres off the surface. The fine atomisation makes it possible for me to freehand the wrinkled skin and detailing around the eyes.
I add in detail around the head dress and tidy up the image. The lighter is signed, numbered, clear coated and polished. Ready to adorn a collector’s collection.

Pinstriping Zippo

By Svee

WORK IN PROGRESS - My first attempt at super small stuff. A Zippo lighter with a portrait of Stephen King on the back. Its a little dar on here but its still a work in progress ;)
More soon.