Airbrush on zippo. 
All painting are on original zippo that I bought from my favourite seller. I then wanted Lorena to paint on them


Sensual black and white, just a little bit of glitter..simple but very lovely

airbrush on zippo, hand painted by Lorena Straffi, Italian artist,

Red Passion zippo

Airbrush on zippo by Lorena Straffi

Zippo alligator.

Airbrush painting on zippo, details and precision is her way to airbrush.

Women, what should be the world without
such a beauty!!!


Cat woman ...

Lorena Love to airbrush clouds and spitfire. This one is one of the best airbrush painting from her.

Something about Italian airbrush artist Lorena Straffi.

Italian artist Lorena Straffi was born in Bologna, Italy . She comes from a family of Auto enthusiasts. With a father who worked for Lamborghini and a brother who works for Ferrari, Lorena followed their love for Motorsport but took a different direction. Because of her passion for art she formed her own company in Bologna and was soon receiving recognition for her dynamic style of artwork portraying motorsport themes as well as fantasy art themes.

   Not only could she paint her art onto canvas and artist board but she was able to paint onto a variety of surfaces. Large companies could see the potential of her hand painted artwork on their products and soon orders were coming in from the likes of Ducati Motorcycles, Colnago bicycles for the Ferrari Colnago collaboration, Maserati, Malaguti scooters and many others. It was a successful collaboration between her and these companies which lasted for many years.

    In 2005 Lorena moved to England, where she now lives with fellow artist John Dillon in Kent. They formed a company hand painting miniature artwork onto pens and lighters for collectors worldwide. Zippo's collectors all over the world appreciate her art and and her airbrush art on zippo.


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